Hi. I'm Luke Sutton.

I am an industrial photographer and an industrial video producer. I specialise in this field and I also hold a PfCO (permission for commercial operations) with piloting a drone.

About Me

I was introduced to this industry over 10 years ago, when I was providing search engine optimisation services to a website design client. I provided analytics for one of their clients, RMGroup, which has specialised in manufacturing and installing robot palletising machines for nearly 25 years.

Years passed and 4 years ago, a good friend of mine (sales account manager for TBS Engineering at the time) gave me the opportunity to provide some photography and video productions, and I started to specialise with engineering and capital equipment manufacturers from that point onwards.

Alongside working with capital equipment manufacturers, I also work with a few defence contractors, working on websites, video marketing and taking product photographs of RF equipment and manufacturing for Defence.

I am a massive fan of Star Trek, anything sci-fi and I have played guitar for years. i am easy-going and ambitious to make the very best product I can. I have some really good equipment, and top-spec lenses and cameras. I also pilot a drone, and hold a PfCO (UK’s Civil Aviation Authority licence, enabling permission of commercial operations across the mainland UK).

I usually sign non-disclosure agreements when working with defence companies, and I use safety precautions on-site with the correct PPE, safety boots and high-vis jackets whilst operating in manufacturing and industrial facilities.