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Polaris Pixels specialise solely in Industrial Photography. Our aim is to capture the manufacturing process and the laborious jobs that are performed by workers.

We are the first choice for video and digital assets for our industrial and manufacturing clients because we care; we’ll often still be working at 10pm at night trying to get the project just right. 

Our digital assets come in both industrial photography and video production, in which we have ample experience and a creative flair. Photography is a necessary asset for websites and printed publications, and our video production has evolved into professional 4K productions, for effective communication of your products to your client.

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Mitek Industries

Industrial Photography
Frame homes 32

Forfar Roof Truss Company

Industrial Photography
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TBS Engineering

Video Production
Battery lead component soldering machine

TNA Solutions

Video Production
TNA solutions automation video production

Automated Productions

Industrial Photography
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Video Production
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Precision engineering

Industrial Photography
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TNA Solutions Factory

Industrial Photography
tna solutions 1920px aerial factory photography

RNA Automation

Industrial Photography
RNA automation industrial photography 29 1

Digital assets

Industrial photography translates the technical language of your engineering and marketing team by producing powerful visual images in both photograph and video form. Many engineering and manufacturing companies update their digital assets on a yearly basis, and we provide aerial photography, ground photography and video production in one service, keeping it simple and straight-forward.

Video production

Video production is a means to show client studies, interviews, and footage of your capital equipment manufacturing process in action. Ideal for your marketing and sales team, our professional industrial videos can be used on trade shows, virtual trade shows, on your website or social media. Some of our industrial videos have been seen by Nestlé and even NATO as a sales tool.